Purchase of Land for Manipay Ladies College
We are pleased to announce that the Executive Committee of Manipay Inthuk Kalluri - Manipay Mahalir Kalluri, OSA Canada(1991) has unanimously approved a request for a donation of Rs.19,25,000 for the purchase of a piece of land of 2.75 lacham ( 0.172 acre) at Rs.7,00,000 per lacham, adjoining along the south side property line of the school. (click here for more details)
Manipay Hindu College
Manipay Ladies College
Welcome to Manipay Inthuk Kalluri - Manipay Mahalir Kalluri Old Students Association [Est 1991] - Canada's Website!

Manipay Inthuk Kalluri - Manipay Mahalir Kalluri Old Students Association - Canada was formed in January 1991. its regular membership is made up of past students of Manipay Hindu College and Manipay Ladies College. Associate membership is open to current and past members of staff as well as family members of current students of the school.

The object of forming this association is to provide financial and moral support to develop a solid curriculum, enhance sporting facilities and cultural activities in our schools.
06 May 2012 Thamil Nawanmaippoddi
11 August 2012 Sports meet & Summer camp
22nd, 29th January 2012 Spelling Bee Contest
3 December 2011 Christmas Night
1 October 2011 Vani Vizhla (Saraswathi Pooja)
18 September 2011 Annual general meeting
August 2011 Sports meet & Summer camp.
May 2011 Pongum Poluthu.
May 2011 Tamil Naavanmaippoddi.
Manipay Hindu College Centenary Celebration in Canada (1910-2010) on July 31, 2010.
Association's Official Website has been launched on July 2010 .

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